More than just Special Events

Pacific Western Event Management is more than just a special event company.

Our professional experience lies with conferences, educational sessions, community seminars, symposiums, corporate programs, and much more. We have:

  • considerable experience in event organization, management and evaluation,
  • fresh perspectives and new ideas/concepts,
  • experience in website setup, live streaming, webcasting, podcasts, etc.,
  • experience with publications,
  • good relationship with the media and connections with the community,
  • cultural, linguistic, ethnic sensitivity, relevant experience and training in such areas.

Take a look at our portfolio for a sample of our events.

We are not afraid to take on challenges. Whether you give us 2 months or a year, we will focus on the details but never lose sight of the big picture.

We will do it right. We will do it well. We will exceed your expectations.

Contact us today.


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